R. Edwards

I'm a drywall contractor in Saint Augustine Florida and I can say that this product has saved my neck and back a tremendous amount of pain and discomfort. It is easy to put on and does not interfere with my work process. I wish I had this product years ago!

R. Edwards

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Love my Neck Assist

I just wanted to say that I love my neck assist! I have a home with high windows and high ceiling fans and I use the neck assist product when I clean. In the past, I would have to hire someone before neck assist to do these things because it would hurt my neck when I cleaned above my head. Now I can do it myself and save tons of money! The neck assist paid for itself the very first time that I didn’t have to hire someone to clean my fans and windows!

I would recommend this product to anyone that has to do work where they have to look up. It’s a life saver, or I mean a neck and back saver

Jennifer A. Smith

Excellent for home repairs!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell how much help the Neck Assist has been. I bought the product because I knew I would need neck support when painting the ceilings and interiors in my house and I wasn’t disappointed! I get a stiff neck pretty quickly when doing overhead work but the Neck Assist not only prevented that, but seemed to keep my back in line as well. I’ve since used the product for other jobs around the house including some tree trimming and exterior painting. The only problem is that my friends and neighbors want to borrow my Neck Assist, but I’ve told them all to buy their own!

John K

Great on the job sites!

The Neck Assist was used on two different job sites by three individuals. Greg (Owner of ProCon by Tobin LLC), Derek (subcontractor working for Tobin), and Chris (employee).  Greg weighs 217 lbs. and is 6’1” in height. I have a lower back issue known as Spondylolisthesis. I noticed while using the device that the lower back support belt adjusted easily with the hook and loop type fastening system. I adjusted the belt to a comfortable support and tightness. This alone actually provided relief I experience when performing overhead tasks or simply standing too long on hard surfaces. If I’m physically moving about I notice no discomfort. And with the device on I noticed no discomfort or the device impeding my ability to move freely. The head/neck rest I found to be easily adjusted, because I could reach the adjustment knob with no problem.


Once I established a comfortable setting it needed no further adjustment even after removing the device and putting it back on the next day. This was nice. I would like to see the device have a curved head/neck rest. A radius design would improve an already helpful head/neck rest, but i feel would actually increase the amount of support for left and right sides of anyones head or neck. Wearing a toolbelt is easily done providing you are not one who uses suspenders with the toolbelt. The vertical support rod can interfere with suspenders. Another positive observation that I believe is noteworthy is the reflective materials used on thedevice. In a commercial atmosphere where OSHA’s Safety concerns are always prevalent, this device would easily be acceptable for visual concerns in low lighted areas etc. I still possess the Neck Assist device and will use it in future jobs as warranted. I’ll provide further reports as well when it becomes necessary. I would like to present the device to some of my constituents in the Builders Association when possible. Getting their opinions would be helpful as well as informative to possibly expand the use and make improvements (if any) to the device.

Greg Tobin