And Neck Assist® was born...The real story


greg in Peurto Rico 2012Neck Assist® was developed by Greg Ely,  a painter by trade.  On the average painting 15 ceilings a day, you could imagine the long-lasting and horrible neck pain he endured.  So, one day, he simply tried to hold the back of his neck with his other hand for support, which helped the pain, but hindered the painting progress (you really need two hands to hold a spray hose).

As the wheels turned, Greg tried to come up with an idea that would support, and take the strain off of his head and neck. So became The Neck Assist®, The Ultimate Neck and Back Support System; or as he likes to call it, N.A.B.S.S. Not only does it aleviate that stress, but it keeps you supported and aligned to take that strain off of the neck, and back as well.  A true 2 in 1 device!  This device can help thousands of people in "at risk" jobs for example:

  • Overhead Plastering
  • Overhead Sheet metal work
  • Overhead Painting
  • Overhead Sanding
  • Installation of suspended ceilings and panel ceilings
  • Rebar tying, when twisting, partly overhead
  • Working on a vehicle's that are up on a lift
  • Installing overhead lighting
  • Tree trimming
  • Various Residential Cleaning
  • Even sitting at a computer all day!
The next step was a patent...

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