I WON, Thank you all who voted. Thanks for everything you've done all the friends family your friends that don't even know me 
that voted, I want to thank you very much and now a new phase in my life starts. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I only hope this brings me the satisfaction that I want for this device. 

Thank you! - Greg

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Do you have non-stop neck pain from working your job? 
Overhead work, especially involving repetitive movements

What are the tasks that cause the greatest risk?

• Overhead Plastering 
• Overhead Sheet metal work
• Overhead Painting 
• Overhead Sanding
• Installation of suspended ceilings and panel ceilings 
• Rebar tying, when twisting, partly overhead
• Working on a vehicle's that are up on a lift  
• Installing overhead lighting
• Tree trimming


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